Looking for texture

This gallery features texture in art.

I chose this piece because even though it's a simple lamp, the carvings can tell a story. If you look closely the entire base and shade is textured in numerous shapes.
I chose the piece because the figures are interesting to me. I'm not really sure what's going on in this but I like how the texture on the people is smooth and rough on the ground.
This piece is cool because when you look far away you can see the texture makes out an image. If you read the titles you can easily tell it's a drone flying in the sky.
This texture is nice because it looks realistic. If put this piece into the real world it would be hard to see the difference between it and an actual rock.
This piece is nice because it uses different textures, or images of textures to make an image of a lamp. In a sense I can call it surreal because it doesnt look realistic but does at the same time.
The texture on this plate is interesting because even though it's small there is still a ton of detail in the middle. I like the light and dark contrast too showing depth.
There isn't a lot of texture to this painting, but it gives a ton of depth and an illusion of movement.
Even though the pallet is not smooth, the artist painted over the texture and used geometry to his advantage. This is one of my favorite pieces.
Even in the 1800's texture was still used on things like bowls by ancient civilizations. I believe that they still have some of the most incredible work for the limited tools they have.
This piece is nice because something like a cat which has a ton of texture is made smooth and has little texture. However, this still looks realistic.
Again, here we see ancient civilizations carving amazing sets of textures into pottery. IF you look closely, it can even tell a story.
This shows how intricate works of art can be when using texture. This doesn't seem to be telling a story, but more of symbols. It reminds me of the Mya calendar.
I lied about the other piece, this one is actually my favorite. A lot of Japanese artists use curls when sculpting. I see a lot of this when they are crafting dragons. The texture on this is so detailed it looks like a sponge.
This painting shows texture without using texture. The paint is so detailed it fools you into thinking the waves are real and the clouds as well.
I chose this piece because it's extremely old. A lot of things in older eras had a lot of details on them when it wasn't necessary. You can see this in a lot of armor that was made compared to the protective gear we wear now.
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