right to bear arms gallery 

By: Jeffrey, Nolton, and Matthew

This picture represents the second amendment "the right to bear arms" because in that right, your gun rights are being protected just like this woman is being protected by the fence on her balcony.
This picture represents the good and bad part of the second amendment because owning a gun can lead to many deaths just like this giant eating the people and it can also protect many lives like this giant taking away all the thieves.
This represents noltons article because his article is about restricting gun rights like this guy is restricted were he moves or the direction he goes.
This picture represents matthews article because his article talks about limiting gun rights and figuring out ways to do that. This picture shows a man that is all scrambled up but the main picture is not always one hundred percent clear just like the issue on limiting gun rights.
This picture represents Jeffreys article because his article talks about the issue on guns and how Obama can figure out a way to get more background checks on them. This picture shows that issue because in order to achieve something, you have to take steps to get there just like Obama is taking steps to achieve his goal.
This picture represents our article connections because in all of our articles, Obama is restricting gun rights and trying to prove his point on how limiting gun rights will protect us just like this helmet protects the head.
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