Life Defining Moments

Moments in life that may have changed them. Things like war or sudden things that make us into someone else.

This is a hard working family who works fourteen hour days seven days a week. All they know is working on field. This defines them and who they are. They are the farmers of America.
This is the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln. This address was spoken right after the Gettysburg war. It was the bloodiest war during the civil war in the US. It was meant to not take sides.
The battle of Antietam was the battle of the civil war. It changed the nation and changed thousands of lives and families who lost loved ones. It sparked a war that would cause a divide in the nation.
The smoke signal was something the indians used to speak to each other miles away and to signal if they need help. It is used to today in emergency situations that changes and saves lives.
The buffalo was the main food source for the indians way back when. When the Americans came, they killed the buffalo for sport causes the Indians to move further west. This changed the indians lives.
Food, everyone needs food. Food is life changing.
Was an attempt by the Spanish to encourage Scottish clans to join forces against the British. This changed a lot and offered no chance for the Spanish to defeat and successfully invade Britain.
A great fight that happened in the early 1900s that defined a boxing career. Changed a mans life.
This was at a time when the Americans were still pioneering the west and driving out the indians. A mans gotta eat. This food helped these men stay healthily and drive out the poor staving indians.
This came at a time were Americans were driving out the indians. This painting shows indians trying to drive out the Americans but the Americans turn guns blazing to the defenseless indians.
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