Windows to the soul

This is a Collection of art that focuses around the eyes. The eyes hold a lot of emotion and are considered by some to be the window to the soul. By looking into the eyes you can see pain, happiness, sadness, anger and an array of other emotions or even a lack of emotion. This collection contains pieces that show the emotions of the eyes.

M-97's piece "An Eye" is a great example of how emotions are reflected through the eyes. This piece depicts a watery blue eye with a single tear. Inside the eye you can see trash and a single seedling. The eye in this piece shows sadness reflected as its emotion and the meaning hidden inside the tears.
Théodore Géricault's "Portrait Study portrays a survivor from The Raft of Medusa. The raft floated in the sea for thirteen days with 140 passengers. Géricault gave the survivor watery eyes to express the pain, misery and the sights that the survivor endured for those thirteen day. The eyes in this piece depict turmoil and pain. .
"Eye" by Harvey K Littleton created this piece out of glass. Littleton only created the bottom half of the iris and pupil and 3/4 of the whole eye. Littleton used a deep blue for the pupil of the eye and a light green and light pink for the rest of the eye. The top of the glass has a black tint to it. These eyes depict something dark a mischievous look.
Adolfo Widt's "Portrait of pain" - Self portrait shows a story of pain. Though the lack of eyesballs in this piece the eyes still show this story of pain. The hollow pits for eyes detail torment within the subject. The artist uses harsh curved lines around the sockets twisted into a picture of pain. Looking only at the eyes a story of despair appears.
“The Excursionist” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a portrait of a young women excursionist. The woman is holding a walking stick to signify her as an excursionist. In this piece the eyes show an expression of bliss and relaxation in them. There is a calm feeling to it. The girl appears to be daydreaming or reminiscing on her past excursions. The eyes hold a dreamy expression.
Dorothea Lange’s piece “Migrant Mother” is a black and white print of a mother and her two children. The mother is looking in the direction of the camera while the children are facing away with their heads resting on her shoulder. The eyes in this piece show a struggle, holding a worried and tired look in them.
Hyung Koo Kang’s “Warhol’s Gaze” is a portrait of American Artist Andy Warhol. Kang painted the right eye a little lighter then the left with Warhol’s head tilted down resting on his hand and the eyes looking up. The eyes look as if the man is gazing at the viewer.
Hyung Koo Kang’s “Vincent Van Gogh in Blue” used different hues of blue in this painting giving it a darker feel. In the portrait of Van Gogh is smoking with his head tilted down cutting off the top half of his eyes. Van Gogh’s eyes are a vibrant blue with whites of his eyes painted a light shade of blue. The eyes in this piece show a dismal emotion.
Hyung Koo Kang’s painting “Dali” uses vibrant colors to bring out the eyes. The piece is a close up portrait of Salvador Dalí an artist from Spain. Dalí would often take photos with his eyes wide open like in the painting. Kang used shadows to intensify the look. The eyes in this piece have a bit of a mysterious, surprised feel to them.
The piece “Women” by Hyung Koo Kang consists of only three colors yellow, white, and blue. The portrait is of a woman with deep blue skin and light blue eyes. Kang uses a yellow background in the piece making the women stand out. The eyes in this piece have a vulnerability to them.
Credits: All media
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