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This picture caught my eye because how random it was. A man looking through the whole of a giant cement wall. This picture was taked during the destruction of the Berlin Wall in Germany, so it has a big impact in history of the world.
This picture can explain itself. The word peace, and behind it a beautiful scenery of a large body of water and a sunset. I was immediately relaxed when I came across this painting.
I respected this picture a lot when I scrolled through the galleries and found it. Women did not have many rights, especially during that time, so to see women fighting for what they believed in made me choose the photo.
This is a picture of a fallen soldier, who silletly lays there in his post. He gave up his life defending his country. This picture strikes me because it is about death. Did he wake up knowing he will die that day. What was his last thoughts? Who was his family? Death is a very touchy subject for me.
This moment in World War II is one of the most important events that happened during the war; the entering of the Unisted States military to the European coast. The losing alllies, now supported by the U>S, ended up winning the war. I chose this picture because of its historical importance.
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