Pakistan and Nepal culture

Jaybee O'Bannon

This painting was made by a artist from Pakistan. The painting shows the country's culture by showing the way people act and dress.
This was another painting from Pakistan. The drawing shows the culture of Pakistan by showing the way it was painted.
The painting is a table full of food. The food in Pakistan shows the culture of Pakistan very well. They have different varitites.
This is a photo of a TV show in Pakistan. Still it shows how people dress in their daily lives.
Though Pakistan is not a wealthy country, they still have ways to get news and music. The radio was important in Pakistan.
This item is a look alike of a god in Nepal. The item shows what religion the people of Nepal believe in.
This in a building in Nepal. I chose this picture because its shows the architect of structures in the country.
The painting is a temple that is important to the religion of Nepal. This shows how dedicated they are in believing the religion.
This is another painting. The painting is a story of the gods of Nepal.
This a festival in Nepal. The people believe their religion so much that they celebrate it in the streets.
Credits: All media
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