Roman religion

Religion was one of the main focuses for Romans daily life. From constructions of temple to the traditional sacrifices, there are lots of artifacts depicting the traditional Roman ceremonies. Romans showed how much they admired Gods and Goddesses by the sculptures and representations found through out their civilizations. Alicia, Anum, Emily ( Masha) 

Aphrodite was the major Roman Goddesses. The coin depicts a temple that was dedicated to her. It gives an accurate depiction of Roman religious architecture.
This piece is an elaborate sculpture of the Roman god Zeus. It shows how much the Roman people admired Zeus by his ornate clothing and his posture. He represented the ideal roman virtue. This piece is important because it used to be part of the wonders of the ancient world.
This was used in religious ceremonies in Rome. It represents the Roman Gods, reveals how much they looked up to the Gods. Each had unique purposes in the ceremonies. It was from Roman Britain.
This statue reveals how the priests sacrificed to the Gods. The priests had heavy draped clothing over their bodies and their heads.
This is an Egyptian temple which has several scenes etched in the stone. The topic is religious sacrifices made by the kings and pharoahs. It shows the importance of some gods such as Osiris. Some show the emperor at the time in a position of power. This emperor was Caesar Augustus. This reveals that the Roman-Egyptians were quite meticulous when it came to their religious building projects.
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