A hero can be described as a person with great courage standing up for what is right. As we grow, our expectations of a hero change. From the stuff of legends to those we encounter in everyday life, one thing remains the same. There will always be a hero to save the day.

The embodiment of a Greek hero, Hercules' strength and courage enabled him to perform feats no mere human could dare dream of. Here, he has slain the deadly hydra to save the people of Lerna.
When things seem grim, a hero must persevere. Jesus knew of his impending death, yet he suffered for the sake of his people. He withstood abuse and cruelty with the hope of redemption for all.
A true hero does not fight for recognition. The soldiers in this painting understand that the world may never know their names, but they are prepared to die for the freedom of others.
Words are a powerful weapon. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. encouraged people to spread messages of peace and equality using their words, not their fists. He sought to change the world, and succeeded.
Patience is a virtue. Teachers are key in shaping the minds of the next generation of leaders. They hold great responsibility to pass on their knowledge, both in school and in life.
Every day holds a new adventure. There are no guarantees in the life of a hero. This firefighter has risked his life in order to save a young woman he doesn't even know.
Like all heroes, mothers live their lives for others. Mothers spread love and kindness to their little ones. This young, poverty-ridden mother takes time to care for and watch after her child.
Here, two friends talk about art while enjoying life. Heroes don't always have to slay dragons. A true hero inspires and cares for others. A friend pushes you to be your best, much as a hero would.
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