Gregory R. Monk Sunset scenes, from Impressionism to Expressionism, to Abstract Expressionism

I would like to demonstrate the changes and consistencies in abstract presentations. As times changed; what was important from the artist's perspective, and how are there similarities of the presentations. This will come from you, the viewer. I will have just put together what I see as the flow of art.

The beginning of twilight over the ocean as boats slightly move about on the calm oil-like ocean. With a lite wind, gently filling the sails as the clouds hinder and obscure the setting sun.The color red seems to fill the clouds with light puffs of color like candy. The color really sets the mood of time of day. The line structure is complete yet obscure. The space and balance are of equal value, with the negative space of the sky, clouds, and setting sun, balanced with the concentration of the three boats and water below equally spaced.
The outcrop of a ocean edge. A rocky point rising out of the water with adjacent mother points continuing into the mainland. Separated by a arch in the middle of the piece. Really drawing the eye to the center. Sunsetting with a multitude of colors in the sky and the sea. Having a defining line between the two and a small peek-a-boo, of a sun saying goodby for the day. The balance in this piece is profound. Having this little sun be able to balance the landmass is unique. The large sun and ocean seemingly endless, get balanced by the closer landmass. this seems to work very well. I can draw similarities here of impressionism in these first three pieces.
A clam harbor connected to a large adjacent sea. Separated by rocky peninsula stretched arms creating a safe anchorage. There is a sharpness close and the distant view of the mountain range holding the sea from the sun. With the newly setting sun, there is still yellow in the setting sky. Knowing we just missed the sun saying good night. The hues are soft with not much room of diversity. Line and space, is very defined up close; with the distance more of mystery. The softness of the light in the guarded harbor creates a mirror like finish, with the opposite being in the distance.
A foggy scene at the turn of the century, a well-known bridge that thousands cross daily. The beautiful blues and yellows bringing the day to light, illustrate commerce being created in the background and what looks like a very gloomy day. You would not know that from the colors. Smoke from the factory stack giving wind to the still image. Balance is right on with this image. The selected color of blue and yellow really bring light to what could be a very gloomy scene with the sun just peeking through the fog; illustrated by the reflection on the water and the bright spot just out of view.
The Scream. What a great piece of expressionism. With the wavy lines, and the wide range of color, the sharp man-made lines of the dock with the separation of people evident. The eye travels around this piece with ease. The colors of the set sun, and the dark tones of the shaded shore give you a feel of evening chill. A figure holding their face in uncertainty, confusion and what else the viewer will interpret. I see a great balance in color and line placement. The uniformity of line with the changing color really separates the piece with a place for everything. Allowing the eye a smooth gesture for viewing.
An abstract sunset scene, with white trunked trees framing the view, brightly colors leading to gray, immerging from the setting sun. Colorful green leaves atop of the white trunk of the trees with the gray background of the darkening sky. This is done with what looks like sponge marks, foe painting. Creating a very abstract imagery. Balance is key here and preformed very well. The extreme difference between the colors really illustrates this image
This piece is just radiant. 1/5th of the bottom is the dark sea. A sharp line of the bottom of the clouds creates the start of the explosion of the rainbow filled sky of post sunset. The color is the most of the image, with one lone star offset to the left at the top. Color and implied line makes this piece. The brilliance and use of all the colors in the spectrum really gives the viewer how resilient this scene is.
This piece I will say is my favorite in this collection. I just love the use of dark hues alongside the brightness of blues reds and greens. At first you see a beautiful sunset scene, in looking closer, you can see there is a lot to this image. Abstract expressionism at its best. A village and houses are hidden in the landscape. Tall trees in the foreground reach to the bright evening sunset colored sky. In this the use of color is its high point. The bright colors of the foreground and sky frame the darker colors of the mid portion, also a great use of implied texture.
So many angles to the dangle here. Using mostly triangles and four and five sided shapes, this image almost looks digital. There are different shades of yellow with blues illustrating the clouds in the sky. The sky is a bright yellow number 5 for where the sun is setting, a dark midnight blue to black, for the shaded mountains facing the viewer. Almost needing to guess where the sun may be. The use of color and implied line is great here. It is the implied line that sends the viewer into a direction of interrupting the image. With the triangulated shapes directing the eye. A fantastic example of abstract expressionism.
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