by Andrea Kreismann

The beginning and end of life. A child having respect for the dead. Respect, death, and the life and outlook of a child...all key ingredients of humanity
Children find joy in almost anything, the world is their playground. They are our future, to better humanity one not only looks around, but looks to our future.
The importance of our mother, our provider... the earth. The biggest and prettiest brings little to the table for humanities sake, but what brings the most life, love and hope for tomorrow <3
Often the forgotten, yet they are always our foundation. Our wisdom of was and what can be. The beginning of life has equal value to the end. A life is a life, caring for them is key
The beauty of humanity is a whole. Not measured an ideal, or a gender, or expectations of a certain group... too often baring the cross of what's expected is overlooked, as is the beauty of just being
life style is not always a choice, but a product of chance. Too often quality is measured in physical and material, instead of the spiritual. Privilege and meritocracy have no place in humanity
Life & love come in many forms...if we allow oppression to rule, we only take peace from ourselves. A tapestry has many different threads to create its beauty, a bigger picture one must be open to see
What is often considered triumphs comes from the oppressed. Blood, sweat, and tears of those who are equal to those who reap the benefits. Imagine, a world where all struggles and triumphs are shared.
An opportunity to bask in the beauty is all around us. Everyday one can find the glory in our journey...
There is always hope,and infinite ways to find it... the beauty of humanity.
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