Elements of Art

Line - The lines are used to make the flower. The diagonal lines come to the center of the flower. That is where it draws your attention too.
Shape - Geometric triangles. There are different types of triangles in the art work
Value - Its light and dark in some places. There are darks, grays, and lights. The back brings out the chinese characters.
Form - Seems very heavy. You can walk around it. Its a 3 dimensional shape.
Texture - Seems like a rough texture on the car. Seems really scratchy. The metal for the tires and the mirrors are hard.
Space - Theres space everywhere in this art work. In between the shelves, the case, and out side of the case around it there is space.
Color - There are reds, yellows whites, blues, greens, and other colors in the art work. The dominant colors I would say are the red and the yellow, they add fare. The dull colors would be the grays.
Credits: All media
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