The World is a melting-pot

Works of art from around the world that would have clashed with the idea of art VS craft. 

In the western world this would have been considered "craft" given its a jar. However, because the designs on the jar I'm sure the creator of that jar would have considered it "fine art".
I thought it was interesting that the Ted Ed video categorized "non-western" art as primitive-Yet this is a painting from someone in China of a French village. Oh how the times changed. This is art.
I chose this painting to show the thought process of artists in the 1800's. Painting were not of abstract things-but of life experiences and people. This would be considered art.
In the Chinese culture jade is a symbol of power and weath. The person that owned this in that time period would have been affluent, and have a appreciation for what they thought of as "fine art".
This painting would be considered fine art. Like most paintings - there is always a underlying story to be told. In this painting it appears the teller is the bearer of bad news.
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