Elements of art

Some parts of the snake are black and some parts are orange and red. This picture makes the snake look like the top is black and the bottom is orange and red.
This picture of the snake looks very realistic. The colors and details of the snake makes it look like it has real scales. It makes the snake look shiny and scaly.
This is a very cool design of a bi pod. The tip of the bi pod has the design of a Cobra. It has a very complex shape to it and has a very cool shape.
This drawing of the snake has very curvy lines to imply that the snake is curled up. Some parts of its body are larger than others. The tail is smaller than any other place on its body.
This picture of the snake makes the picture look like there is space between the snakes curls. It looks like the snake is actually rapped around the tree.
This picture makes the snakes look like they ae actually on the steps slithering up and down the steps. It looks very realistic and looks very three dimensional.
This picture of a snake looks very three dimensional. It looks very realistic with the colors and how some parts of the snake look closer to you.
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