Winter's Diversity

This is a collection of paintings which depict my favorite season: winter. Each of the works are diverse in various mediums and cultures, but all share a perspective on the cold, dark and beautiful months of winter.

This painting is by Millais who was one of the predominate pre-Raphaelites. 
This is a painting done in the impressionist style. You can see the rough brushstrokes which are meant to highlight and capture natural light. 
Take a closer look at this almost surreal work of art. Scaled down it appears to be a human eye, but up close one can see so many more details. 
I love the warm coloration of this painting. I felt it contrasted with the common use of cool colors like blue, green and purple to represent winter. 
This is a more modern work which I found showed perspective in a very interesting manner. The painting seems devoid of depth, but also has many layers. 
The way in in which the snow on the branches appears to be a crane from a further distance is breath taking. 
This is another impressionist work which also offers the service of being historically relevant. The smoke rising from the many steam ships in the harbor contrasts with the more pristine ocean.
As an avid fisher I immediately loved this painting of a lone fisherman heading out to his early morning biting spot.
I chose this piece for the more urban landscape it depicted. 
Credits: All media
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