The different styles of 1-point perspective

This gallery features pieces from different artistic styles around the world.

The 1 point perspective is visible by the pillars converging and getting scaled smaller as they are further away. The point of convergence is located at the passageway.
This sketch is very detailed and the one point perspective is noticeable by the roads on the sides.
You can see the top of the building converge into a single point on the right side of the piece.
The Ideal City is an interesting renaissance piece by it's symmetry and clear use of perspective methods.
This art features a view of the street with the perspective making the buildings look tilted on the right side.
This night scene has an amazing perspective going through the multiple buildings and it's not really noticeable at first.
This drawing is made with no lines and has a clear 1 point perspective going to the right.
In this painting, Gabriel depicts a Dutch landscape using a single point perspective to make the scenery have a 3 dimensional feel to it.
One of my favorite pieces of the gallery, this painting is incredibly rich in detail and converges into a single point in the back.
This piece looks very geometric and simple but at the same time it's noticeable that the artist worked for a long time on it. The 1 point perspective is noticeable in the reflection of the mountains.
47-Road is a surrealistic feeling piece with a convergence point beautifully added to make the scenario stand out.
This other Jee Sun Hahn piece depicts a set of stairs converging into a center point in the city.
Hahn's artwork is astonishing perspective wise and composition wise. This piece looks like a fully 3D model instead of an image.
This is also one of my favorite pieces because it somehow utilizes 2 one point perspectives. One in the stairway and another in the converging columns.
The Garden of Eden is a beautiful painting with a very good atmospheric perspective as well a a converging point in the mountain in the middle. The perspective draws the eye to the mountain.
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