Ascension Of Spirits - (Lamar Hampton) 

This gallery is about the transformation to heaven after death. In this gallery you will find paintings that tell a story about the people you see.  It is a glimpse of what the world looks like through heavens eyes. Everyday there are spirits that rise from their bodies to meet their makers. This is just a depiction of what it is like. 

This is a oil painting of Saint Francis Xavier who died in 1952. The merchant ship in the background left Xavier for death on this island. He holds the crucifixion cross close to his chest with both of his hands. The eyes are rolled back looking into the sky as a ray of light shines onto his face. The artist simulates motion in the water waves by using flowing lines to make them. Proportion is used in the painting as you can see the ship is smaller since it is farther back in 3d space.
This painting show GODS angels fighting demon angels. Now these are angels that used to fight for GOD hence the name The Fall of the Rebel Angels. A lot of the demon angels are scared and trying to flee. GOD’s main angel is destroying the demon angels which shows how powerful his angels are. There are also baby angels looking down from the clouds. There is a lot of symbolism through this painting. The good angels are on the top half of the painting while the evil angel are stomped down to the lower half of the painting. These are souls that want to go to heaven but are stopped because of their wickedness.
This is painting is of Mary Magdalene. As you can see she is looking up to the sky as she lays her right hand onto her chest. The skull on top of the Bible represents the death and mortality of this world. She wants to be purified by the light beams from heaven. There are Ivy vines that stretches upwards to heaven symbolizing the presents of eternal life. The textures in her clothing are very detail to see what type of material she was wearing.
Saint Peter Martyr which is the man in the foreground being killed accepted his death for what it was. As you can see he raises up his hand to GOD as the killer is ready to take his life. The artist of this painting shows this scene really well as it you are there. There are animals roaming in the background to the left, a friend of Peter to the right in the mid ground is fighting back as another man is trying to kill him, and then the angel in the sky which don’t appear to have a certain depth of range.
In this painting Jesus enters the realm of the dead. These are souls that have been in the darkness for centuries. The souls are striving to get closer to Jesus as he is walking. Adam and Eve are at the front of the line pleading for forgiveness. Jesus also crushes all evil spirits as he was into the realm. The super evil spirits are fleeing because of all of the light that comes with Jesus. There is lots of contrast throughout the scene from the dark (left) to the light (right).
If you have heard sayings in the Bible like, “The GOD of Abraham or Abraham having many children.” The guy in the burgundy shirt carrying the nude boy is Abraham. This is when he was told by GOD to make a sacrifice which turned out to be his son. In the end he was stopped before killing him. The angel appears to be telling Abraham to stop as he pulls back the knife to stab his son. By the dynamic movement of the angels clothing she appears to be flying towards Abraham. The artist also uses Proportion as you can see the mountains in the bottom left part of the painting appear to be far back in the scene.
This is a depiction of Jacob’s dream from the Bible. There is a ladder which is very long extending all the way up to heaven. Jacob is a sleep while all of this is happening. Angels come down from heaven using this enchanted ladder. There is a lot of dynamic movement in this picture from the angels.
In this painting at the very top there is a golden place which is heaven. There are ropes attached to clouds and animals from humans to cats are climbing up to heaven. At the bottom to the right a woman appears to be holding up a cloud and keeping it in place. This is heaven so, everyone is naked and the angel at the very bottom is either cold or very shy of his nudeness. Doves are flying all around which represents the Holy Spirit.
In this oil painting of Mary the Virgin being crowned by the Holy Trinity Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. On her way up a serpent tries to stop her from reaching her destination but, is soon crushed under her feet. The artist uses dynamic movement to simulate the dove flying with a tail of trailing light.
Credits: All media
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