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Here we explore surrealist paintings that cause use to think, even dream of possible meanings behind the paintings and the artists choice of themes and textures.

The first thing you may notice is a man's incomplete and hollow head. There is a cloth resting under the head that leads to an incomplete woman whom is on top of a covered brick platform. The clay like texture shows how moldable the two figures are, similar to how me are molded by our habits.
We see a very soft still life image of what is possibly a cafe of some sort. Lighting is greatly emphasized in the imagery which is most obvious in the reflection of the floor and the folds in the cloth. The style and texture of the painting gives clue that this isn't entirely real. While the foreground is very detailed, outside of the cafe looks far too simple to be real life. This evokes a feeling of wonder and curiosity about how real this scene truly is. A wonderful tribute to Rene Magritte.
In this painting we see a yard with a hand sculpture pointing to a floating hat. In the background there is a strange fish tree next to a yellow house that seems to go beyond the horizon. The texture of this painting causes the images to look very dream like and surreal. The use of color greatly adds to the realism of the landscape making what you see seem plausible.
We see a room with canvases and an easel with the painting of a man who stand behind it in a way that the painting acts as a window. We see an artists table, a couch, a pair of shoes which have toes for the toes, and a window looking out to a blue sky with clouds. The texture of this painting seems to be very smooth making the image feel surreal. Included in this is theft the table doesn't seem to be proportionate and the painting of the man fits so perfectly with his actual body you wonder where one begins and the other ends.
First thing that must be discussed is the fact that the canvas looks like the silhouette of a person and there are two. On the canvas is a deserts cape with some rock structures and a giraffe. The texture of this painting is once again almost clay like, making this world feel moldable. The land is bare with unlimited possibilities. The fact that this is painted upon two silhouette shaped canvases leads us to believe this is a shared dream.
Here we see two human like figures, one is dark and appears to be made of stone, the other is made of buildings. There is a definite contrast between these figures giving us a blatant dichotomy. The texture of this image makes it feel unreal and the colors really help show us that the buildings actually create a second figure.
This painting is full of symbolism which already gives us the feeling of something surreal. We see the upper half of a man crying out with a gaping hole in his chest with bars. A bird is flying from him possibly symbolizing a freedom he wished to have. In the background there are other grey figures in boats hunched over in a very melancholy way, drifting in the ocean. The sky reveals darkness and possibly a storm in the distance. The texture here isn't super realistic, it isn't as clay like as the other images. I feel this is to represent how one may dream but not always be able to mold the world put before them. The colors are dark giving you the sense of dread.
There is a four wheeled boy shaped wagon suspended in air by it's wheels. The backdrop is that of a sparsely cloudy. The scene possibly takes place during sunset given the yellow hues. This strange image has a texture that makes it feel moldable. The clouds feel much more solid than real clouds and the wagon's shape is a little disconcerting. The colors seem to be rather muted hinting at yet another strange dream.
This painting is full of irony. There is a man and woman each in their own bird cage. They are standing in a room with walls that have trees painted on them. There is a bird on the floor, just standing there. The colors used here as details and depth to the image. The texture is still painterly enough where the image doesn't look to real. Much like a metaphorical dream we can see that the two people are trapped while the bird is free.
We see a very dark hallway. A man stands in the foreground with half his head and let shoulder floating just above him. His shadow is cast onto the floor yet once on the wall it creates a hole to the outside. The texture of this painting makes the hallway look unreal and dream like along with the outside. The colors are fairly dull and hazel, much like the colors in our dreams.
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