Element of Texture

This texture creates a more realistic, lifelike landscape, and adds to the softness of this scenery, especially on the trees and bushes.
Smooth texture creates a more "wet" atmosphere on the street, and makes the setting feel more cold.
The texture seems to change from the horse to the colors in the background, transitioning to a softer and smoother look as the sky gets higher.
Scenery is made to look much more rich and bold with the thicker paint stroke, which creates a much more vivid image with the texture.
The texture of this 3-dimensional artwork is one of the key principles in making this look realistic. The texture of the sculpture allows every curvature of Adam's body to be defined.
This texture creates a more blotchy look, which allows the tree to almost completely blend in with the water as there is no sharp distinction between it and its reflection.
This artwork allows the texture to actually be felt with all of the intricate details that physically stand out on the gates, adding to the 3-dimensional design of this piece.
The texture is obvious with the distinct lines and brush strokes, rather than the paint looking blended and almost "smeared". This helps create the look of The Starry Night with swirls in the sky.
Texture is everything in this piece, as the rain is portrayed through the altered surface and the texture, which is created by thick lines.
A focal point is created here because of texture. The illuminated house is attention-getting with its realistic texture, while the trees on the outer edges look softer and less distinct, fading into the background.
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