Cars or transport history

I got curious to see how mobility, especially related to cars, was depicted in paintings. I found fewer works of art than expected, given the prominent position of the car in society, so I expanded my search to include horses, trains, planes, etc. Going through the collection, it seems that paintings from the 'horse era' are 'happier' than paintings from the 'car era'. Only during a brief period, when the car was still new, was art with cars positive.Titles of artworks in which a car is seen (e.g. Direct Hit 1937, The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight 1984, Carro ***** 1999, Run until you die 2005, Requiem 2005) don't exactly make a list of happy titles. This also surprised me since the car so often is a symbol of freedom in film and music. Buses and public transport don't seem a better alternative in art - they convey mostly gloomy feelings as well. Aviation is mostly grim, railroads and trains more mixed feelings, and bicycles are the most cheerful objects in artwork.

me and my beautiful horse!
"horses" of the desert...
Hay market, in 1915, an anomaly worth painting
More steam!
CARS. An exciting Sunday trip!
Real automovil - real glamor
A happy and expectant couple
Bombed car
cars of war
Another bombed car(ro)
Romantic (?!) road work...
On a road to nowhere, already in 1917
Fascinating Ford factory
As early as 1927 - I would have guessed the 50s or 60s had I not read the caption
Empty (!) expressway
cars, cars, cars, waiting pedestrians, ... and MacDonald's
mostly grey, even for a colour picture
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