Egyptian art

Art of Ancient Egypt

This is the fragment of Manger With Lbexes it was made around 1340-1333 BCE. It was made with Limestone with Polychrome Pigment.It was Created in Ancient Egypt.
This beautiful piece of art is called hippo, it was created around 1938-1539 BCE. It was located in Egypt during the XII Dynasty- XVII Dynasty middle Kingdom- Second Intermediate period.
This piece of art is a chair leg, it was made around 799-600 BC. It was made of wood and possibly some ebony. It was made in the 25 dynasty. It was acquired in Egypt.
This is the head of King Amasis it was created in 560 BC. King Amasis ruled in the 26th dynasty. It is made out of red quartzite, it was originated in Egypt.
This is a Statuette of king Necho, it was created in 610- 995 BCE. It was created in Egypt, and it was made out of bronze. It was made in the late period.
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