Elle Gomes-Almeida

History of Western Art

I enjoy this piece because it makes lions appear as harmless. The gypsy is resting in the presence of a lion, and I think that says a lot. I also love the colors and placement.
I think it is interesting how van Eyck portrays the mother/child relationship. Everything about this painting looks peaceful to me.
This is a very interesting piece because I believe Frida painted this about herself and the car accident she endured. It's a beautiful reflection on her situation.
I love the shapes and the colors.
This is such a beautiful depiction of reality. It looks very real, though we know that it's just a painting. Everything is placed so intentionally, yet freely. Truly an amazing piece by van Gogh.
I love street art! This is so cool. It can mean so many different things - to me it symbolizes a desire to be free and life being censored.
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