Love is everywhere and we see it every day even in the little things. We love our family, friends, our favorite foods, our religion and other things alike. Love keeps us together and is the fire that helps shape this world into a better place. 

Love is a big part of society and we can see how in this photograph people look at images of hearts and many can be influenced by them.
Artist can express their own form of love by doing what they like. The feeling of freedom makes them feel better and inspired.
Love can be understood in many different ways by different people. It has no boundaries.
Nature can be seen and felts in a positive way. This piece of art shows the peace that it brings and the love that lives in the outdoors.
We see love wherever we walk. One of the most common ways we see love related things are phrases on the wall that people likes draw for their loved ones or to spread a message.
Love makes us do things we don't usually do. It brings us closer together and might even change our ways of thinking into something good.
Love makes people feel calm and seeing it all around can help everyone feel much better too
Many artist have expressed love as a pleasuring sort of thing and they loose themselves in lust and confuse it with love.
People can feel lonely and even have a love for the darkest things. Many can see it as twisted, yet is the other side of love.
Myths and legends tell of a being who's the one that makes everyone fall in love. Cupid is told to be responsible of everyone big live's changing decisions into love.
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