Art I found intresting

Theme - Color

I like how this picture shows the lighting off in the destines. I'm to much of a outdoors person but this make me want to be.
This reminds me of assassins creed and is very well done. I can see the assassins jumping from buildings like this.
People art like this should take art classes. Better to show your talent in a way where you won't get in trouble.
This surface is different from normal painting and that's what I like about it. The picture shown goes so well with it as well.
The color use here is very good. It looks like is rain but everyone is still trying to get to where they need to go.
This looks something that would be call "The Dark Mountains". Black and White can always look god if you know how to use it.
It goes to show you, no matter how bad things get to stick together. By the way, they have some big hands lol
I really like pictures with just a nice looking sense. Colors blended and match very well.
This look like the beginning of the end for the human race. I really like the usage of blue here.
I find the message show in this is shown in a colorful way. Is a dark day in the old town.
The ghetto would look something like this. I really like the blending of colors in this one.
New York is where I'm from so you know I got to show it some love too. It doesn't look like much back in the day but it home to me.
I love cartoons, so that is why I like this one. He looks like a yellow daffy duck.
This painting looks like a level in Destiny or Halo and that what I like about it.
This picture make me think the end of the world is upon us. The colors give off a sense high feeling to the viewer.
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