The Wonders of Northern Renaissance Art

This is a collection of different pieces from a variety of Northern Renaissance artists. These pieces come in an array of styles contain many different interpretations about art. I really wanted to show the tremendous amount of detail that went into the work done during the Northern Renaissance. Even though piece wasn't meant to be beautiful, it was all meant to be inspiring.

I chose this picture because I really enjoyed that the artist's employed a sense of humor, while still conveying a very powerful overall message.
I decided to include this painting because portraits were very important during this time period and Jean Clouet was an extremely important artist.
I added this picture because I thought the artist's did a beautiful job recreating the human from, using a major amount of detail.
I chose this picture because I really loved the message behind it. Showing that God and all of his angel's had to watch as his first born son was hung upon a stake really makes it that much more real for all those watching.
I was really drawn to the the colors of this picture, as well as the beautiful amount of detail made to the bodies of the men and women.
I included this picture because I felt it was a really good example of how religiously influenced much of the art was during this time period.
I chose this piece because I really liked that, even though the picture is supposed to be displaying angels who are usually seen in a happier light, this picture is darker will a lot less defined lines and structure.
I chose this picture because I really loved the feeling of chaos one could feel by looking at this picture. It just kind of leaves you spinning and feeling a little off balance.
I wanted to put these statues into my gallery because the amount of detail that Van Eyck used was absolutely exceptional and I wanted to pay tribute to how beautiful it is.
I decided to use this painting because everyday life was a major focus of the Northern Renaissance and displaying the interior of a person's is just so intimate, it really just drove the point home.
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