Melissa Cooper

Color Schemes

The color scheme of this artwork is analogous. The colors that it uses is Red, Redorange, and orange. I feel warm when I look like it because of the colors.
The color scheme of this artwork is monochromatic. The colors are Black white and grey. this mood is happy and kind of old feeling
The color scheme of this artwork is warm colors. The colors that are warm is yellow red and orange. This feeling makes me scream about of this face and how he looks like he has seen a ghost.
this color scheme is complementary. They use blue and red. This mood of the picture is hopefulness.
This is Triadic because there is light blue blue and blue-voliet in the picture. The mood is sleepiness.
This color scheme is cool because it has not really a lot of color and it is just the same simple colors. The colors are orange red and white. The mood is forgiving.
Credits: All media
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