Shows a mother taking care of a girl and a baby. The small family looks very poor but looks happy when with their family.
Looks like a family reunion with all family members coming to celebrate.
A family of four children, looks of happiness on the faces of the kids.
The family are playing around with each other. The family looks like they love each other a lot.
This family looks very rich since they have beautiful clothes on and they even have horses with them. They looks like they care for others a lot.
This painting looks very messy but is filled with playfulness and happiness
This looks like a family reunion in probably in India? there is a lot of people or family members in the picture.
THe painting is painting a very rich family with rich clothes on them.
THis women probably divorced since this picture has no husband, only herself and the kids
i dont get what they are doing in this picture but the fire seems like a very interesting thing for the people to see.
the three children looks very poor and...bored
Both of the kids looks bored and is unhappy
THis is a picture of the richer dudes. All the children looks super rich too
THis looks like a park where kids play together. All of them looks happy
It looks like a fair where people dance with each other in front of the others
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