Artistic environmental expression - Gregory clemmons-clay

This art gallery is a theme based on color and nature. I will examine various elements of visual technique and different environments. I analyze the artistic emphasis utilized with graffiti and paint. I depict art in nature when the world is used as its canvas. Hopefully, this gallery will inform or entertain the viewer about visual elements that are created through nature and color.                 

The Possum Battle depicts a possum destroying enemies. Purple is used mostly as the background. White was used to detail the possum’s fur, eyes, paws, ears, and nose. Different hues of blue were utilized on the sky. The possum’s fur has different hues of brown as well. At certain times, colors illuminate differently because of light changes, which affects the artworks nature. Overall, this art could be perceived humorous or dominating because a possum is battling the world but seems to be destroying them. The viewer is left to determine the nature of this artwork.
L’air du temps by Phillip Adams depicts an apartment complex with a mural on the side that has a town painted in linear perspective. It has different hues of blue and white emphasized clouds. It has three orange traffic cones, which adds detail as well. The viewer can see a street that eventually vanishes. The nature of this artwork is an illusion. The vanishing point could be thought as reality. The different hues of blue assist the illusion. The various hues that lighten at the end are displaying fading or disappearance.
Juan Abba depicts a woman smiling or having fun. There are various hues of green, purple, and blue. There is emphasis on the orange arrow pointing downwards at the crowd or name. A distinct maroon color was utilized on the woman’s lips to emphasize her smiling. The nature of this artwork is fun because of color choice and emphasis on figural gestures such as the smile and arrow. The arrow pointed at the painted crowd to signify excitement.
Santos Sepulcros by Colectivo Anónimo depicts a title in graffiti lettering that utilizes linear perspective. It has a vanishing point as well because at a certain position you can read what it says until it disappears. Black and a little white was utilized. The black made it dull because they outlined a skull head. Anónimo utilized the wall as a canvas, which was nature being used artistically. The black outline on the wall is what created the graffiti lettering.
The Mural by Hannah Adamaszek depicts a painted fox along a wall. The fox is painted in different hues of orange. The fox seems as if it is running. Various values of orange intensities are used as well. At certain viewing perspectives, the fox seems to be running away. Red was utilized and it helped detail the fox’s eyes. Black was used to outline the physical features of the fox. Hannah created a vanishing point as well, which in nature creates the illusion of linear perspective.
The Mural by Alice Pasquini depicts a woman gazing into the stars or somewhere upward. Orange, teal, and white detailed her dress. Black outlined her as brown was used for her complexion. Alice emphasized white on the left side to display her face with detail on the right. The nature of bricks added to the artwork by making its viewer think that it symbolized triumph or strength. Alice painting the woman with a powerful gaze can signify overcoming obstacles or the nature of adversity.
The Geometrical Abstract Graffiti Painting by Ilya Aesthetic depicts geometric shapes like circles, triangles and squares. It has different hues of blue and a few partial circles of intense orange. Overall, this artworks nature displays the world to be abstract. It has unfinished shapes such as partial circles, which are relation to fractions and math.
Dog Soul depicts bird wings being handcuffed to a doghouse. Birds are flying around the doghouse as well. The nature of this artwork can express that we are all attached to our homes. It displays that we can physically leave our homes but our souls are left behind. Various hues of purple were used, which sets a mood of independence, dignity, and mystery. White was used to detail a few birds and handcuffs.
This untitled artwork by Alapinta depicts a woman with trees growing out of her hair as she holds a baby. She has flowers, leaves, water, and animals as a body. This artwork symbolizes Mother Nature and how our world provides for us. All of these different elements of life are displayed as natural resources. Alapinta paints her holding a baby to be symbolism as well. The baby is society, while natural resources is mother. Alapinta used different hues of earth colors like green, blue, and orange. The nature of this artwork chose the colors itself.
The Mural by 3TTMAN depicts time and how busy it can become. It has different hues of blue, purple, red, and pink. Yellow is utilized as well. Emphasis was created because so many colors were used. The artist attracted the viewer with intense colors. This art emphasizes feeling because in nature the world is always busy.
Credits: All media
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