Power of Growing Up

Marjane Satrapi was a woman who went through much struggle throughout her life and this is why I chose the title and subject of growing up.  It was necessary for her to mature in order to get through all of the obstacles in front of her.  Also, I believe that in growing up, a person must find their calling in life and experience as many new things in life as possible.  This was true for Marji as she was forced to move out of her home country and go to school in an unfamiliar place.  Also, she did things that she knew her parents would not be proud of like smoking cigarettes, going to parties, and listening to loud rock music.  With this said, Marjane learned from her mistakes and was able to grow into a person she was proud of.

This shows a struggle between two beings as Marji did not want to wear the veil as directed by the government. She has a mind of her own and wants to be her own person.
Marji gets into rock music as a way to take her mind off of the daily stresses of life. She is becoming more rebellious
Marji is now very independent and wants to try new things. She even smokes her first cigarette and feels grown up.
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