The Other Side

Human nature is a mixture of inherited traits. Yet more often than not, humans turn savage and wild when there are no rules to bend the knee under. 

Napoleon Bonaparte started off as an unstoppable war hero but grew corrupted with power. Humans are weak when controlling their wants.
The American Civil War was one of the bloodiest ones the country has encountered with the battle at Gettysburg being the one with the highest body count. War rips families apart.
Humans were so desperate to get rid of an almost "revolutionary" person and they tortured him before nailing him to a cross.
Societies created the idea of Hell out of fear and fear of being punished, and fear of savagery.
Adolf Hitler had talents and used them to convince an entire country to hunt down and persecute innocent people of a different religion.
African people were wrangled up and sold to be slaves for their entire life and live in unbearable conditions because others felt too entitled to work.
War is one of the most terrifying ways that humans use to exert their dominance or win a disagreement and has the most grisly consequences.
Christopher Columbus finding America was the beginning of European colonization, where people felt so entitled to land that they committed mass genocide against the Natives
Abraham Lincoln, towards the end of his successful presidency, was shot in the head in the middle of a play for no reason.
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