Every Second, every Minute, every Hour...Movement!!! - by Michael Bailey

Through the use of various media in the art gallery, I will show how movement is used in everyday life from what people do, use and enjoy in our lives around the world when it comes to movement. Showing those things that are needed in our everyday lives to get us from one place to another or help us in getting other tasks done

Yorkshire construction, Mio, 2014, From the collection of: All Those Shapes
This photo shows construction workers using various materials and tools to help with putting the correct pieces together to make the proper floor for the interior of the building. The use of their arms and feet help along with the types of tools that they are using help them to get the job completed.
Canadian Flag - 2013 International Ice Hockey Federation Women's World Championship, Source: Canadian Heritage / Patrimoine canadien, 2013, From the collection of: Canadian Heritage
This photo shows hockey fans enjoying a hockey game. There are also several of them helping to wave their national flag. Although we are unable to see the people underneath we can assume that the flag is as flat as it is would be because they are using their arms or heads to get the flag to sit like it is.
Palomina Takes a Wave, Golden Beach, Florida, 1993, Bruce Weber, 2014/2015, From the collection of: The Water Tank Project
The photo shows a dog that is enjoying a ride on what is called a boogie board. The particular type of equipment is used mostly by the human counterparts that enjoy the water activities. This board is used more for various tricks and also used to help with teaching swimming too.
Auto Workers, Michael Mauney, 1972-05-17, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
The photo here shows an autoworker at his particular part of the assembly line placing the fittings that would mend the interior roof lining with the molding. The use of the hands in this particular job position is important because all parts of this job help with putting the automobile together.
F:\Photo\Mediafactory Actions\Requests Dropbox\14523#Getty\50378958.Jpg, Ted Thai, 2000-02-17, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This photo shows in the background, two of the most important things to get movement out of us when something needs to get done. Those are the use of our feet and automobiles. Although, most of us have feet, we would not be able to get where we need to be without them without the use of someone else’s help. The use of the automobile helps us to get to our jobs, homes and other places we need to go around town quicker.
John Dominis, 1962, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This photo shows a cargo ship at night in the channel departing possibly after dropping of cargo on sure so that it can be delivered to various locations throughout that particular city or country. We use this type transportation to move various types of materials from auto, electronics, food and many other things that could be imagined through the water ways to the docks that unload them.
David Mcgough, 1988, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
The photo shows the King of Pop Michael Jackson doing a dance move while holding a microphone in his hand. Dancing has been a pastime of enjoyment for everyone that enjoys the sound of music. He is using dance steps as part of his musical tour performance. Also, the use of the microphone helps to project his voice through the speakers out to the audience.
1988, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
Lynn Pelham, 1969-02, From the collection of: LIFE Photo Collection
This is a photo of a passenger plane that has arrived and has allowed the passenger to disembark from it via the directions of the flight attendants. Since, the invention of the passenger plane itself it has become an influential part movement and how people are able to use it get to places in a shorter amount of time not only from state to state, but around the world.
In Nature Nothing Exists Alone, Eurhi Jones, Photo by Steve Weinik, 2013-07-30, From the collection of: Mural Arts Philadelphia
The is a photo of an on-coming train. The movement of this particular vehicle is of the land based variety taking people and their cargo to various places throughout the country. This has been another type of transportation used to travel from state to state. In most foreign countries, the train is used to travel from country to country.
Credits: All media
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