My Top Picks

School Assignment.

I Like this piece because I enjoy very clean line work. I notice amazing detail on this piece and it just caught my eye.
I enjoy this piece because of the bold and thick lines. Line weight is something I enjoy very much.
In this piece you can see the line work but also the amazing perspective that is happening. I think the artist is very talented being able to put this type of work on multiple surfaces.
Bold line work and very rich color is the reason I liked this piece.
This is another look at my first pick from a different a angle.
Very clean lines and amazing color. I love red and I love white. This is one of my favorite color schemes.
Red,white and black really make this piece pop. I love the colors and the bold black.
This piece has so much detail I had to get inches from my screen to really appreciate them. Very clean lines and amazing play on perspective.
This piece is very geometric to me and thats why I love it. Clean lines , good color....amazing.
I like this piece because of all the color and line weight. It does tend to be a little on just plain street art but it is very well done.
This is a second look at one of the pieces I have already looked at but its taken from the beginning stage before color. When I speak of line work this is the stage I am referring to.
This picture seemed amazing and I really would like to go there some day. Thats why I choose this.
Simple straight forward work . could be concept work or quick design. I love the use of black to define all aspects and I love Bold outlining and anything that has Changes in line weight.
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