elements of art and design

I have neither given nor recieved unauthorized aid on this work. -SYDNEY BALLAS 

line-curvy,straight&abstract shape-squares,rectangles,circles,organic form-overlapping shows good example value-different shades&colors texture-cross hatching makes look rough color-yellow,grey,black space-little negative space
line-abstract,oragnic shape-circle,square,rectangle form-overlapping of objects value-light value texture-shading,small marks color-yellow,green.silver,brown,red etc space-lots of negative space in background
line-straight,thick,thin etc shape-circle,rectangle,abstract form-appearance of closer objects value-shading and light scale texture-cake detail looks soft color-red,orange,yellow,brown,white,blue etc space-negative space in background all black
line-straight,curved,thick shape-circular,rectangle,organic form-placing objects on top of table as well as drawing table value-bright,shading provides contrast texture-dots on strawberries,detail in vase color-red,silver,gold,brown,blue,white etc space-small objects lots of negative space
line-curved,straight,thick,dark shape-circle,rectangle,abstract form-large object aside smaller,brighter one value-brightens near bottom,darker on top texture-dotted paint,messy&rough color-yellow,green,blue,grey,brown etc space-large objects majority of painting,little negative space
Credits: All media
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