Indonesian Art

ANGKINAN CLOTH, Unknown, From the collection of: Museum Nasional Indonesia
As you can see in this cloth , the patterns are very detailed and unique. Angkinan means shoulder. This is a traditional cloth that was worn over the shoulder by the Indonese people. This was probably woven out of silk in the 19th century. Patterns and unique decoration is something that I noticed was used a lot in Indonesian art. Something I enjoyed about this piece of art is the gold color on the edges and how it accents the detail in the middle of the work.
SULTAN BANTEN CROWN, Unknown, circa 1700, From the collection of: Museum Nasional Indonesia
Banten was a Sultanate in Indonesia that was founded in the 16th century. The word sultanate is Arabic so I have to believe this crown has Arabic influences. When you first look at this crown it looks like it is made of one solid color but when you zoom in on the piece of art you can see there are purple gems in the detailed decoration. As with the other pieces I have selected this piece has incredibly ornate detailed work.
ANCESTRAL STATUE, Unknown, 1938, From the collection of: Museum Nasional Indonesia
These sculptures have far less detail than any of the other pieces I saw. They look much more primitive, more like African carvings. The one on the left is a man and the one on the right a woman. The eyes are very unusual. Though everything else is wood the eyes have some type of stone inserted. Even though they are dated 1938 they look much more pimitive than the other very detailed and ornate works that I have selected.
PAIDON SPITTOON, Unknown, From the collection of: Museum Nasional Indonesia
This piece of art does not have something that you do not notice right away, when you look at it you can see that it is very detailed and made probably out of bronze. As you zoom in on the spitoon it looks like it was hand hammered. As with the other pieces it has amazing detail and ornateness. I found it interesting how much time they spent on the smaller things in their pieces of art .
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