Many people marched in Washington D.C. for civil rights. Black and white people made signs and marched for freedom and equality.
Thousands of people gathered in D.C. to march. They surrounded the mounments while MLK spoke for freedom.
This photo shows the people gathering around the monument to march. DC was covered with civil rights activists.
People waited for MLK to speak around the monuments in DC. Civil rights were a major deal during this time period and many white poeple got involved.
MLK greets many people who have come to listen to him speek and who also look up to him.
Many activists gather around to pray for the march and for change to happen. Religion played a major part in these marches.
"Black power" became a term and many people gathered around to listen to speeches and get hype.
This photo shows people marching with a giant sign to show their commitment to the cause.
People are marching after the Birmingham bombings. Innocent chidlren were killed and people were outraged.
After the Birmingham Bombings, people were outraged.. A man walks around in an Ameircan Flag to show his support.
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