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Nature themed backgrounds.

The clothing is red and brown so that means the character is rich. The background is very colorful and it shows a mountain range and a lake. This means that he wants you to know that he is rich and that he owns the land. The artist wants the viewer to know that the character likes nature. His name is Ippy and he is a writer, he is shy and likes novels. He cares about words and nature themed books.
The character is wearing red and black which signifies that he is rich and is higher class. The background shows that he may be anchorage of the land and likes to live outside of the crowded city. The artist wants the viewer to think that the character is rich and has power. This guys name is Juan, he is a politician . He seems a little frustrated with the amount of work he was to do.
The subject is wearing black which states that he is mysterious and is secretive. The background shows a lake and woods
The clothing is casual and very neat. The background has a tree behind her so that means the subject likes nature. The painting was painted by Leonardo da Vinci, so the artist wants you to know that the subject was of higher class. Her name is Shishcabob and she belongs to a wealthy tailor industry that her family owns. She is happy by her job, she likes simple clothes. She cares about the tailor industry.
She is wearing gold and black clothing and has a lot of jewelry on, so that means she is rich. The background shows a castle so that means she is a duchess and very rich. The artist wants you to know that she is rich by what she is wearing and lives in a grand castle. Her name is Shoo, and she is a duchess , she is brave and smart and cares about royalty.
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