Film and Digital Art

Elaborate scenery, costume, and sets made this silent film a commercial success.
Before sound was added, these were the stars of the silver screen.  Note the year this picture was taken.
A famous Italian silent film actor, Valentino was often affectionately referred to as the "Latin Lover".
Charlie Chaplin's ability to convey emotion, thought process, and intent through only movement shows the continuing relevance of silent film.
" In 1960, Taylor became the highest-paid actress up to that time when she signed a $1 million dollar contract to play the title role in 20th Century Fox's lavish production of Cleopatra"  In this version the elegant sets are further enticing through the use of color.
The famous writer, director, and actor of Citizen Kane.
Star Wars proved to be a cultural movement of epic proportions, bringing the genre of sci-fi to national attention.  It still continues to be a relevant and attention-getting franchise with new movies in the works by Disney.
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