Ancient Kemet- Joshua Crochen

I am going to show images of a great people who’s legacy and history has been stolen. Works of art from a people who are believed to be dead, and gone. The history and practices have been stolen and rename and reused by many throughout history these are my ancestors the people of Ancient Kemet

statue of Pharaoh Amenemhet this statue like many others what mutilated to hide the true identity of of the kemetic people before the invasion of the romans
This is n Anakh there are a lot of missinturpations of what the ankh represents it is the unification of male and female and represents eternnal life
this is a image of the great Sphinx after it too has be mutilated and a pyramid
this is a statue of of one of kemet's greatest queens Hatshepsur
This is a statue of keets first Pharoah Osiris the father of Heru. Most people don't know Osiris is where the constellation Orion gets its name
THis is a sarcophagus of Wahibreemakhet you can see the level of skill that went into making this by the detail on it
Statue's of the king Memnon
Ramesses the second one of the greatest young rulers of kemet. as you can see in his hands he has a rod and staff and the headdress of royalty
King Amasis this statue makes you wonder why someone made sure to destroy all these noises on of the predominant features of all people of African decent
I was very surprised to find this statue most statue's with the noises still intact are from a period after romans but this on is not the case
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