Does It matter?

By Jazzmyn BonnerPeriod 8th

Existentialism The mermaid spends her time thinking of her future but there's nothing she seems to be doing to make it actually happen. Individually, we are solely responsible for our own destiny.
Absurdism The boy portrayed looks for meaning in a question that can't necessarily be answered without doing some soul searching. There really is no meaning in why we exist we just do somehow.
Nihilism A skeleton is covered in tattered flesh and it's a reminder that "I am what you will be. I was what you are". That there is nothing more to our existence. We all live and die and that is it.
Hedonism The placement of the woman's exposed body at the bottom of the pyramid symbolizes that pleasure is the foundation of all creation. Everything exists because someone or something wanted it to. If man wants attention he finds power so he can attain it..
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