mythology comes alive by ryan Arias-Perez

Within my gallery, I wanted to illustrate and show the movement within mythological pieces as they were created to tell stories and not to simply be looked at. I choose 10 of the best pieces I could find while not sticking on one style of artwork.

Here, we can see Tor (Thor) striking down one of his many enemies. There is a lot of sense of movement as everything seems to fall as well as a clear use of baroque in the piece.
Within this print, we see a satyr trading with the woman. It uses contrast drastically to help pull out the tones of muscles and give more impact to the story of the piece.
Triton is depicited here, standing tall and bursting out of the terracotta as a fish grapples onto him. This piece shows greats amount of movement as his expression shows one trying to be free.
A statue feature Bacchus offering grapes to Ariadne as a sign of affection. This great show of contraposto shows the movement and natural form made by these two and shows an easy to read story by it.
A baroque painting, Apollo and Daphne are seen running through a field chasing after each other in a happy manner. The painting seems to shine onto them like a spotlight, highlighting them into focus.
A heavily contrasted piece with women bathing when suddenly being spotted by an almost hidden Actaeon. The women are emphasized in how they seem to glow a bright white compared the brownish tones.
A more colorful painting, telling the story of a satyr talking with two other people. They way it's painted gives the satyr a more dark tone as its painted dark compared the very bright painting.
A famous painting of Perseus presenting the head of Medusa to the king. A heavily dark toned painting with little highlights, yet brought out with its vast amounts of movement throughout the piece.
A true baroque painting as the the primary color used is black with only the woman being truly highlighted with the bright white. It tells the story of cupid offering love for Psyche.
Venus, considered one of the most beautiful gods at the time, stares upon herself in the mirror. The piece uses baroque greatly as the background is almost black and shes highlighted as the main focus
Here we see Thor pulling out a great beast from the sea. An almost japanese print style, with dark black lines and bright primary colors highlighting the intensity of the scene.
Credits: All media
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