This gallery is meant to be a visual allegory of my feelings about my origins, my gender, my space, my time, my family, my church, and so much more.  I am object.  I am subject.  I, man, am a fisher of men.

Subtle contractions define the space of this landscape. A golden field holds the center of the womb. However, rising ground on the left, and a droopy nipple of grass on the right, give it / us life.
Who is the boat for? Perhaps one who will use it to set sail for dream land? Many choose to build the crib their child will board. Are these men planning for that future? Orange, Blue - Old, New?
Youth is an abstract time of discovery. We observe the impression of a world we do not yet understand. Hopefully, the lines we take, like those here, will paint a balanced - and rough - composition.
During our teenage years, we believe textured seas to be better than calm ones. We are not really interested in developing our community. We are still a mystery to ourselves. We too are empty vessels.
Community involves contrast & complimentary relationships. The brightness of our early adult hood is often penetrated with dark. Our blues are assisted by the sunshine of friendship.
We let ourselves put the sails down & go against the flow. The high points behind us serve to anchor our composition & future. Openness is our goal. Some young men need to seek out rough waters.
When she opens herself to us, the sea is often rougher than we anticipated. We enjoy the struggle to provide for our relationships. But, it seems we can never do enough.
The calm of a midlife crisis can be rough with tension. Here we have a weight on the right side to balance, in a boat rocking way, with the openness of the left. We look back, away from the future.
We hope for a balanced life that holds its center. In this composition, a triangle provides a solid foundation with a promise of room to grow. We can focus on our challenges, rewards, friends & self.
During our mature years, we remember the rough seas we have traveled. The friends we have made reflect our true selves. We are still a mystery. But, we hope we are no longer empty.
We no longer need to place our focus on finding food, braving the storm, or building a foundation. We have discovered a very special place. We can take time and emphasize the "life" of our lives.
We often remember the calm moments that brought focus to what we were doing. Like the canoe and friends in both this and the previous painting, we recall episodes that brought clarity and meaning.
Our ship brought us home. She carried us through the rough seas. She pulled us through the blank skies. When she becomes an anchor, we hope it is temporary. She still has a lot of variety to enjoy.
While waiting for the tide to return, we reflect on our values. We hope our darks were meaningful. If they exist, they should be like the shadows in this white scape. They should give it a good form.
But the true value of our life does not understand our sacrifice - our "why." They are the why. They are the focus that guided us along the shore toward a horizon that did not exist.
"Show, Don't tell!" My words were not enough. My lines did not provide enough clarity to bring me out from the background. They did not understand. They want me to be more direct. Again - abstract!
Old, New - Orange, Blue Relationships As we grow older, we realize our lives have never stopped being abstract. We are not understood, because can not understand it all. It is still a mystery!
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