A collection of multicolored art pieces of art

A painting by Peng Jian that reminded me of rubies cubes. The multiple colors really caught my eye and it reminded me of my younger years.
A painting by Odilon Redon of a boat floating through a cloud of what I believe are clouds of multicolored flower peddles.
A traditional Japanese print of a maple tree, painted by Sakai Hoh'itsu.
A muticolored painting or print by Yi, Hee Choung, depicting what I see as multiple scenes of life on the Asian mountains.
Some street art in Rome. I chose this piece because of the colors and the changes from black to white.
A painting by Damien Hirst, showing multiple dots all different colors. This piece caught my eye because it reminded be of those old dot candies.
A small city scene painted by Samuel Peploe. This piece was chosen for it's excellent use of probably every color of the spectrum.
A painting by Paul Klee, which is what he thinks to be colors from a distance. This piece was chosen because it had be thinking about what colors would look like from a distance.
A piece by Douglas Coupland, of a sunset with geometric pieces and the colors associated with a sunset.
Another piece by Douglas Coupland, depicting a stormy sky with geometric pieces and the colors associated with the scene.
A painting by August Macke, showing three women wearing straw hats. This piece has excellent use of color and curves.
A painting by Jamini Roy, showing a dancing Gopi. With its use of color and style this painting made my list.
A stained glass window by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Musee d'Orsay. The glass depicts a circus with all the colors that come with a circus.
The piece and its many colors really caught my eye because of all the sayings and slogans that have come about in my life time.
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