Representative art of          A Separate Peace by john Knowles

Gwyndellen Easterling is the docent of this tour

You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one” ~Tom Kite I chose this quote because Gene is constantly being distracted by Finny and sometimes he seeks out the distraction I chose this photo to represent the protagonist because he is constantly working.
This painting represents the tree over the Devon river which was a rather important setting. I chose this photo because it represented the calm of the river very well, but it could always be disturbed
I chose this photo to represent that though there were many sports and activities to perform many of the students at Devon stuck to one and were good at it. Though none seemed to be as good as Finny
I love this photo because it portrays that rail roads had to be cleared and during this war it was done by volunteers; usually volunteers from schools like Devon.
I feel like this painting represents Gene along with Finny because both of them, just like the sea, could be very unpredictable and very dangerous.
This is a painting that to me represents Gene breaking free from the cage that is Finny. Finny was constantly holding Gene back and Gene found a way to fix that, though it was through violence. I chose this photo because Gene could always find something to say no matter how obscure
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