BEAUTY OF LIFE by Kayla Albright

My gallery centers around the general themes of color and nature. There are many fascinations in life that people see when just walking down the street, driving, etc. The beauty of color is everywhere among nature. 

The bright, yellow flower depicts the sense of happiness. With the common dull colors and graffiti usually seen down streets, the yellow flower is very unusual and uplifting.
This is a colorful mural on a street under a bridge and depicts power. This artwork reflects my theme because of the great colors and emotion you get to of looking at the mural.
This art work is painted on the side of a building in the city (where u can tell from the background) and has a very dominant, unusual and grand use of a purple color.
Things as general as a performance, can be very extravagant because of the use of color. This photo depicts how color can overbear something and make someone appreciate it even more.
In this photo, by the color of the females dress (red) your focus automatically focuses on her and depicts the emotion of love. The cool colors in the background also enhances the red color.
The majority red color mass of this photo depicts a very dramatic and intense scenery. This photo of just an empty opera house is extravagant mainly because of the color.
The use of the color in this photo depicts life and calmness. From the perspective of someone simply on the street, the sunset and atmosphere helps someone appreciate artwork more, anywhere.
The bright flower on an office building is very incredible because it can help change someones day by just being in the position it's in and the colors.
The overall purple color in this photo depicts beauty because it is something that can be seen in nature. It confirms the beauty in everything and how color can provide a calm and humble mood.
This painting is of birds flying above trees. The greens used in this painting can put someone in the atmosphere of being in the wilderness, forest, etc. even in a city (cars, cones, etc. for proof)
Credits: All media
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