Elements Of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Josh Feldman. 

Line, In this piece "Davinci" the artist uses very delicate lines for the hair, the hair is very thin. He uses thicker lines for the wrinkles on the hands and fingers.
Shape, In this piece, there are many eyes, so the artist uses may circles. The artist uses triangles for where the coats overlap. The artist uses diamonds for the ties the characters are wearing.
Form, You can really see the depth in the cloths and how the artist makes the stones look like silk. You can see form in the face, the face is extremely realistic and has a lot of depth in the eyes.
Value, This piece has great value! You can see the darkness, almost a brown/black, in the soda and in the bears nose. You can clearly see how it completely shift to white in the polar bear and the Coca Cola label.
Texture, The artist makes the illusion that this piece is soft by using very small brush strokes. It looks either soft or prickly, the artist uses darker shades of green and he uses black the create the illusion of depth.
Color, There is a tremendous amount of color in this piece. The artist uses a a lot of blues for the craters and yellows for the surface of the moon. You can also see where the artist uses darker reds and oranges to give the piece some depth. If you zoom into the piece very closely, you can see all different types of colors, reds, blues, purple, yellow, orange etc.
Space, There is a lot of negative space in this piece, with the background being such a dark blue it almost has the appearance of being black. They eyes are an extremely dark blue. Yet the face, especially the cheeks, are white which gives it some positive space.
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