The Art of blue

Blue is universally known as a soothing color that can relax and create calmness. Art is undeniably one of the best ways to express, create, and be vocal with yourself and your feelings. I believe that some of the best and most personal art pieces were created with the beautiful shades of blue.

Blue and Purple is a very easy-going piece of art that is expressed through shapes and obviously, colors. The design is simple and very soothing, art you can find in hospitals, which isn't bad. The shapes have different shades of blue and give the triangles forms so you can see what they are.
Arguably, one of the most memorable paintings by Van Gogh that uses a large amount of blue. The contrast between the blue and yellow really balances it out and creates a wonderful masterpiece. It's also noteworthy to point out the very detailed city in the lower right of the painting. Very impressive.
Even though it may be too faint to most viewers, but I believe the small amount of blue in this painting, is what brings this life. The ocean is an infinite mystery to most and this shows that, but with comfort.
Paintings that can tell you a story without giving you much to work with, is great art overall. This painting sucks the audience in to a story that is unfamiliar but seems close to home. The lining and patterns are very detailed and make this painting stand out.
Now, some might call this hotel art, but I believe it's beautiful anyway you look at it. These paint strokes and patterns must have taken so much time and truly shows once you look back and reflect on the painting as a whole. The blue is an obvious stand out and unifies the whole thing.
Simple and delicate with a touch of the feeling that there's a newborn. This painting just feels like it's "new again". I feel safe looking at this and if art can make you feel that way in this world, thank God. The top of this painting has such a softness to it that it's hard not to love.
I find this to be the most interesting piece of artwork in this gallery. It seems like it was painted within the last few years but is actually over 25 years old. The shapes play a very important role in this and create a futuristic structure that grabs your attention. The blue is also a huge role in this, simply because it gives the feel as if you're underwater.
This is a complicated painting. It's built upon shapes, and a special design that was intelligently created to make everything fit. Even though there's so much going on in this huge circle, and outside of it, there's a peace because everything has a meaning. Blue being the main central color and a couple other colors complementing it was a very smart choice.
Honestly, if I wasn't into art, I would probably say this looks like it was painted by an elementary student. but the shapes and flow of this painting doesn't just give off a "trippy" vibe but a dream-like feel. I feel as if I'm floating into a world that I don't know. The blue in this painting is to establish the night and is incredibly executed.
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