Black and White

A collection of artwork that makes use of contrast and the simple difference between black and white.

I chose this piece for the wonderful contrast shown between the main focus of the church and its surroundings, showing color is not needed for a great level of detail.
Another black and white photo, this one played tricks on my eyes with the texture of the water and shoreline.
Simplistic, yet able to create a sense of depth with only black lines on white paper with the setup of the reeds behind the heron.
Almost as if to go with the white and black theme, this shows both sides of heaven and hell in one photo with the monk in between.
I enjoyed this one for the use of white on the grayed background to emphasize light and illumination.
There's quite a bit of white in this sketch, though the amount of detail put into this is still amazing with only a pen.
Look. At. Those. Stairs.
To me this looks black and white with a splash of color to draw the attention. A very effective method, I have to admit.
This caught my eye because it seems like its incomplete to me. Don't know why that seems so significant to me, but what can you do?
So few lines, so much depth to the image itself.
Gorgeous Baroque like focus of the tiger against a black background.
A simple sketch in black and white, but still better than anything I can currently do. Anatomy and shading make the scene.
Everything you aren't supposed to focus on has its details done with shadows and shading, leaving the brighter points to draw the eye.
Again, focus is drawn to the brighter portions of the image, showing a group huddled away from a darker, more overbearing figure.
The closer to the foreground of the scene, the thicker and bolder the lines get to show a layer of depth to go along with the shadow.
Credits: All media
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