by Christiana Horton

This picture is very monochromatic, being mainly white.
This picture is also monochromatic, being mainly grey.
This artwork uses only a violet color on what i assume is a blank canvas.
This image contains a lot of violets, including blue-violet and red-violet, both of which are tinted and shaded in this picture.
This image is very colorful and contains tints and shades of yellow-green, red-violet and blue-violet, along with some greens and yellows in the sky and darker, cooler colors on the ground for detail.
This picture uses a lot of green and yellow-green, and also has some warmer colors in other places.
This picture uses analogous colors that are blue-green, yellow-green, green, blue, and a little bit of orange and red.
This piece is monochromatic, along with being a dark tint of blue-green.
This picture uses green and yellow-green.
This image uses some blue-green and blue in many shades and tints.
The reds and greens in this picture complement each other quite nicely.
The red-orange atmosphere in this painting really complements the mans blue shoe.
The colors on this sofa just so happen to be complementary.
The chair in this picture is red/red-violet.
This artwork contains some yellow and yellow-orange colors and is nearly monochromatic.
This picture contains the colors green, red-orange, and orange, along with some tints and shades of those colors.
This artwork is composed of oranges and reds and yellows, making it analogous with many tints and shades involved.
I imagine that when this chalice was crafted that it was monochromatic, but tons of years later you would expect for it to be chipped and eroded in a few places.
This image uses analogous colors, and has some blue-green and yellow-green in it.
This work of art is composed of very cool colors like green and blue-green and is also very analogous.
This image contains the color blue-violet as well as some very cool colors.
The background in this image is a tint of violet.
This image contains colors such as yellow-green, blue-green, and some yellow.
This picture has quite warm colors in it. The colors used are yellow-green, white, blue-green, and green. It also has various tints and shades of each color.
This image uses green and blue-green, with tints of both.
The flowers on this piece of pottery are shades of blue.
This image uses only black and white.
This picture is only black and white.
This picture is also only black and white.
Another black and white example.
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