Nature in Perspective - Katherine Hering

The theme I chose for this art gallery is natural perspective. Natural perspective is when three dimensional objects are represented on a two dimensional surface by using parallel lines or loss of focus (Linear or Aerial/Atmospheric Perspective) and decreased size while incorporating objects of the natural state of the world. 

This photo shows an example of atmospheric perspective because as you can see, there is less detail the farther back the image goes, giving the illusion of perspective.
In this photo, you can see that the objects in the middle of the painting look smaller and have less detail than the trees in "up front" causing the illusion of perspective.
This painting uses linear perspective because the lines on the road help guide you to the focal point (vanishing point) to help create the illusion of depth.
This painting also uses linear perspective with the lines of the road. They meet at a vanishing point at the end of the road with less detail and focus in order to give the depth illusion.
This photo uses atmospheric perspective. The mountains farther out appear smaller and have less detail than the side of the mountain on the left which gives the illusion of distance.
The difference in size of the windmills gives the illusion of depth and perspective by using atmospheric perspective. The windmills grow smaller the farther they go into the distance.
This painting uses atmospheric perspective. At the bottom of the painting, the grass has more detail but as you move up the painting, there is less detail and the objects become smaller.
This painting shows atmospheric perspective. Not only do the objects get smaller and lose detail as they move up the painting, they also lose color.
The smaller size of the lake in the back help show the atmospheric perspective with the size of the trees towards the front. If the objects were closer together, the sizes would be more realistic.
This painting gives a great example of the loss of color as the flowers recede into the distance. They also show less detail a long with shrinking in size to give the illusion of perspective.
Credits: All media
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