Pakistan and Nepal culture

I choose this image because I thought that the art that the pakistan people were showing was trying to tell a story.
I chose this image because It showed the higher power that the Pakistan/Nepal people look up to.
This image was chosen because it told me about how the people respect Buddha so much.
I chose this image because it showed strength that the soldiers of Pakistan had.
Another image of Buddha was chosen because i saw that this was a great power of these nations.
I chose this image because it showed me the suffering that Nepal went through, though they still have their faith.
This image was selected because I saw the torture and hurt Nepal had.
I picked this image because i saw that Nepal had art still deep in their hearts.
This image shows the faith of Nepal and how they look up to it.
A picture of a Nepali couple was chosen because I saw how connected it was to the real world of Nepal.
Credits: All media
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