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Brenda Alcaraz

What first caught my attention about this painting was how colorful it is. I'm not going to lie but it reminds me of my hometown.this painting is about an old town where you can see houses and a church.
I love this painting because my great-grandmother had this at her house. I remember Used to be scared of the Gypsy, to me it looked very creepy. the painting is very cold.
Frida is one of my favorites. her quotes inspire me. This painting is very touching because she is painting her father.
This self portrait of Frida is very famous in mexico I would say. I love this because she is very inspirational even though she is not that beautiful.
I also like this painting because is very well detail painted. the painting also painted her unique uni-eyebrows.
I like this painting because of how is very Mexican. She has the typical Mexican dress. The dress is very colorful with a lot of flowers.
I picked this painting because it makes me feel bad for the man. he is selling cabbages, the face is not shown but i bet he is tired because he is so lean down.
"The Dream' this painting is very well painted, i like it because it shows probably how the mothers dream about their children to have a better future. They all seem very poor.
I like this painting because it uses warm colors. The fruits are the main of this piece of art.
This painting has an awesome title "the fruits from the Earth", where this makes me think that the mother is the Earth and the children are the fruits. This is a black and white painting but you can see the people are very poor.
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